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New band, The Feathermerchants, cd release July8th!
Posted by: adam

The Feathermerchants are a stunning new band whos raw talent will shock any new listener. Catchy rhythms, fantastic melodies, and meaningful lyrics, matched with a talented lineup gives The Feathermerchants a look at a bright future ahead. This band is comparable to such artists as Jewel, The Indigo Girls, and Dar Williams, amazing musicians as well.

Philadelphia-native Shannon Kennedy on lead vocals as well as the incredible Jon Peckman on drums will give anyone the urge to listen to The Feathermerchants richly-crafted album. Even though The Feathermerchants are new, their music is not "glazed-over" with layer upon layer of computer technology like some bands. This music is REAL, unique, and mellow. It gives the listener a chance to sink away from reality for a while and feel the smooth guitar lines flow with ease over their ears.

Talk about talent... The Feathermerchants placed 4th out of 300 bands at the New York City Intel Music Festival, an astonishing feat for a band which hadn´t even created a record yet! Their self-titled debut also received an amazing response by music executives, earning the Feathermerchants reviews in music industry trade magazines including CMJ and Album Network´s Totally Adult, the Hartford Advocate, the UK´s Phantom Tollbooth, and Mexico´s Enfonia. It was eagerly grasped by radio and received airplay on over 300 college stations, 40 public radio stations, and 2 commercial R&R stations.

The Feathermerchants new album "Armed Against The Dark" is already receiving praise from numerous music executives, making it an eagerly awaited release on July 8th. Make a note to yourself to pick up a copy of this stunning album, you will not be sorry you did! To visit the official Feathermerchants here

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New band, The Feathermerchants, cd release July8th!  [This Message]

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