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~ Live CD Recording ~

Nick Annis and Elizabeth Crisfield with Guest Musicians

Feedback from the audience (thanks to all those who sent their feedback to the sf_folk list)


It was a privilege to be an audience participant in the live recording of Nick Annis and Elizabeth Crisfield's CD Saturday evening at the Barkers'. It was an appropriate send-off to Nick and Elizabeth as they prepare to pursue their dreams (and a lot of very hard work) in the DC area.

I continue to be impressed and moved by Nick. His songs are honest, poetic, relevant, learned, witty, and somehow remain accessible due to the deceptive simplicity of his guitar playing. His stories and song introductions are humorous and incisive. He is not afraid to take on the tough issues of our times and of all times, from war to relationships. He is someone who has read and lived and reflected with purpose and has found the most moving way to express his understanding of the forces of history and the complexities of the human heart.

Nick has a quiet magnificence on stage. But one of the unique joys of folk music is the fact that we in this community get to spend quality time with one another and we come to understand who we are and what we are about beyond the surface of a stage persona or a musical genre. This is to say that I have also appreciated the many little words of support and encouragement he has given.

He has made a difference, and we will miss him. Good luck and God speed to great success with your music and your writing! Oh yes, look for his CD.

Rob Koppelman


Leni and I join the Banjo Man in the praise he has bestowed upon Nick and Elizabeth. Last night Maria and John Barker opened their home and hearts to 2 fine emerging artists. Often live cd recording sessions can be anxious experiences, but that was not the case. Nick's calm demeanor and the Barker's attention to detail provided an appreciative audience with a special evening.

Nick and Elizabeth truly compliment each other and the music produced is socially relevant and passionate. Their 10 strings combine seamlessly, an accomplishment for 2 musicians who've only collaberated for a short time. Nick's soothing voice and innovative phrasing have made him a South Florida favorite. Now others across the country are recognizing his talents, as he was recently a winner at the prestigious 'Wildflower'  songwriting competition in Texas. And so justly, the hard work is rewarded.

The music world is often selfless and generous. Last night was no exception. Ellen Bukstel joined in, supporting Nick and Elizabeth, singing one of our favourites 'Real Woman'. She also provided harmonies and was acknowledged by Nick for her continuing guidance and help. Jordan Cherkinsky fired up his mandolin enhancing the orchestration with some terriific licks. And he was in tune, not an easy feat for an 8 string. Host John Barker played lead guitar on one number as well.

All of us wish Nick and Elizabeth many bookings, large audiences and much happiness. They deserve it.
I look forward to them returning as Headliners of our own South Florida Folk Fest.

With love, Leni and David


There's not too much to add to David and Rob's eloquent posts - they seem to have covered the evening quite well...  :-) Thanks to Maria and John Barker for hospitality above and beyond - the house concert/recording session was a joyful and spiritual experience!

Elizabeth's fiddle (my favorite musical instrument in the world!) on Ashokan Farewell...

brought many of us to tears - what a lovely interpretation...

I am touched... and impressed... and overwhelmed by Nick's lyric and music sensibilities - mixed feelings doesn't begin to describe how I'll feel at the thought of him leaving us... albeit to pursue his dream... 



More information on singer - songwriter Nick Annis web site: go to