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buy my lyrics for a low value
Posted by: stephen othuke agbaka

Dear friend(s),
With your permission, Don’t you think our moral value has declined and would you care for the opportunity to send a message of encouragement and possibly a word of advice to a few hundred thousand of your fellow men who failed to make their mark in this world as successfully as you have done? If yes, the crave for positive lyrics, being highly demanded has now been met, through you.
I have completed series of lyrics that trigger the mind, body and soul, to feel the right vibe, vibrating inside; through the power of will and psychologically, fine-tuning it.
In money wise, this will not be worth the thousand dollar that you may put to it but if estimated from the viewpoint of the good it may do to millions of people who are less fortunate than yourself, it may be worth the difference between failure and success to many a worthy person, who will follow the message, believe in it, and be guided by it when ever it is being released.
Here is your chance to preview each lyric and grab one for yourself.

… Courage does not wait for circumstances to become favourable, it makes them favourable.

… Preview lyrics…

Tough times don’t last but tough people really do: is a three (3) verse lyric that compel the mind to synchronize with the law of nature through continuous persistence on our focus couple with burning desirer by positively thinking big which now transcend and transformed our thought psychologically into physical reality therefore giving us whatever we want, also Tough times don’t last but tough people really do (part 2) is a two verse lyric subjected to our emotional behavior, on how we can improve it by looking at the bright side of life, thereby attracting the much needed demand, fame, likeness, and attention we need and debasing fear, hate, and the discouragement of not making it, from our system but illuminating love, courage, faith, through precise decision and firmly to make a change in our life and the world at large, by taking charge, taking responsibility and even accumulate more wealth .

… Make all games (aspect of life) and contest serve as occasions for the formation of habit, of courage in the face of difficulty and competition in the serious tasks of life whether they are landing on prospect of life. - John a O’Brien (the act of courageous living)

The pain is love: is a three (3) verse lyric that encourage us to keep loving and dismiss the opinion that loves does not come back but it gives us hope to love again and take control with full courage, and to dictate from the experience positively by looking at the bright side; because one bad apple don’t spoil a bunch.

… People, who have given up, are ruled by their darkest mistakes, worst failures and deepest regrets. If you want to be successful then be governed by your finest thought, your highest enthusiasm, your greatest optimism and your most triumphant experience - john c Maxwell

Stay awake: is a three (3) verse lyrics that deals with our personal relationship with God and how we try to break away from our wrong doings and live above the world, even when our closeness with him is weak.
Yet he keeps encouraging us to keep moving on, to still keep the flame burning, in spite of our sins, even though we do not understand human beings very well, that we should not lay blame on anyone or judge one another but to keep trusting in him and learn from the situation as each new day evolves by questioning ourselves often, by praying and meditating

…The GOD who said, ‘’out of darkness the light shall shine’’! Is the same GOD who made his light shine in our hearts, to bring us the knowledge of God’s glory shinning in the face of Christ and we are often troubled but not crushed, sometimes in doubt but never in despair, there are many enemies, but we are never without a friend; and though badly hurt at times, we are not destroyed. At all times we carry in our mortal bodies the death of Jesus, so that his life also may be seen in our bodies, through our lives we are always in danger of death for Jesus sake, in order that his life may be seen in this mortal body of ours. This means that death is at work in us, but life is at work in you.
2 Corinthians 4:6,8-12.

No more in the ghetto: is a three (3) verse lyric that draws out the new heaven from revelations, a place where all tears shall be wiped away also in revelation 21:4.
Apparently, imploring us to be concrete with the word more than before; so doing, experiencing the inner peace, which we dearly cherish and glow to freedom with a definite decision and purpose in life.
Despite the troubles, facing us today.

It is better you have it now because, delay is dangerous; so you better you have it now and the benefits you stand to gain abounds.

• It is being assure that you will trigger the mind of many positively to your
• It is certain that you will win an award
• It is being assured that you will be more popular
• It is a money back guarantee (after the period of three month)
• You will have a fre* success digest magazine (to boost your online marketing)

More to come,the syndrome part1 & 2, lean on my shoulder part 1 & 2, take a ride with him, I come to thee once more my God, life, love & affection and lots more

Yours truly
Stephen othuke agbaka … for lyrics that touch the heart

P.s: ... but if you do not want to keep the lyrics just pass it on to at least five (5) of your
Friends whom you feel dim fit to pass it to. And if you like to keep the lyrics for yourself, or for somebody else just send $5,000 for each lyrics and have a re-sell right, only to include my name in it as the songwriter and
PAY IN this money to UBA (united bank for Africa) PLC through money gram international money transfer (an affiliate to UBA), 11/13 ware house road APAPA BRANCH, with the title name STEPHEN OTHUKE AGBAKA, account number: 212581873 then it will be accredited to my account.
More so, send a mail and let me know the code so that it will be easy for me to confirm it.
Then, the complete lyrics will be sent to you
Or contact me:
By mail:#49 arufa street agric ojo Lagos Nigeria
Phone: 2341- 01- 4728567

Well this is the chance to grab it for $5,000 each.
As you do, surely, you will a have a crown to your name

… We keep you smiling, better and lower than others

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